What is the difference between a printer and a copier?

Many people use the words copier and printer interchangeably, although both have different features and functionalities.

A copier machine copies a paper document, image, or illustration, while a printer creates an actual page from digital text and graphics. The printer has the ability to transforms digital files into formats by using the build-in software of printers. On the other hand, Copiers shine previously printed text and images onto an internal drum that detects electrical signals and prints duplicates.


1. Pricing

Between printers and copy machines, there is usually a significant price difference. The printer could cost you between $100 and $1,000. In contrast, a copy machine can cost thousands of dollars. That’s why people prefer to rent a copier machine rather than buy one. With a lease, you also have to pay from $100 to $1,500 per month.

2. Maintenance

Printers are less complicated than copiers, and they are less prone to have maintenance problems and, as a result, have cheaper maintenance expenses. Furthermore, printer difficulties such as paper jams and empty ink cartridges are frequently easy to resolve independently.

3. Speed

Both copiers and printers are economical in today’s world, although copiers are commonly faster. Moreover, a copier machine which is specially designed for your office work produces more copies per minute than printers can create fresh pages.

4. Functions

A copier machine has an extensive range of functionalities such as scanning, copying and faxing. While a multifunction printer is built to handle multiple tasks. MFPs do many things, including printing, scanning, copying, faxing, and saving copies to a PDF file from a scanned document.

5. Features

Copiers and multifunction printers (MFPs) have distinct features that tailor themselves to diverse applications. Copiers are ideal for high-volume printing and document output for a more significant business. At the same time, the printer is used to perform daily tasks in the office such as scanning, copying, faxing, printing, and sharing documents through office computers.

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