Managed Print Services are the services provided by an external company to handle a company’s printing needs.

Managed Print Services include an external service provider assessing the printing needs and printing environment and the printing requirements of the company that needs the services.

The service provider then comes up with a suitable plan, strategy, or design to optimize the printing environment of the company to suit the best to their requirements.

The service provider does it by rearranging, replacing, or upgrading the existing printing infrastructure of the company. He may also change the configuration, settings, or placement of the devices, depending on whatever suits the best to the company’s needs.

Furthermore, Managed Print Services include regular maintenance of the printing infrastructure and regular reviewing of the printing environment design in implementation. He may also make necessary changes, if required, to keep the printing setup running at its maximum potential.

The Managed Print Services provider also maintains the supplies and accessories needed to keep the printing setup running. The service provider will make sure that enough toners, inks, and papers are available on the spot as per the needs.

In the end, the Managed Print Services provider will conduct regular inspections to ensure the health and functionality of the devices. He will also generate reports for the company to monitor the effectiveness of his services and their devices.

The four steps of Managed Print Services
The four steps of Managed Print Services by Kyocera

A Managed Print Services provider will also offer different plans to a company to choose from, including cost per page billing method.
In cost per page billing method, a company will only have to pay for the number of pages they print, irrespective of the types of devices or supplies used. It is much like that of a printing shop, where all the operational costs and charges are included in the cost of printing a paper.

In short, Managed Print Services handle the whole printing setup of a company professionally and give them control over the printing that goes on in their company. The average budget a company saves if they outsource their printing to a Managed Print Services provider is estimated to be up to 30% on average.

Source: What is Managed Print Services?

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