Managed Print Services for Small Business

There is a general impression that small businesses might not need to outsource their printing to a Managed Print Service Provider. It is a possible thing for big companies only.

It is understandable that why one would think so, but it is not necessarily true.

The reality is that everyone can benefit from a Managed Print Service for a couple of reasons.

The fact that every business, small or big, has to deal with printing one day or the other.

Now, if a small business uses the services of, let’s say, a local printing shop, it will affect their performance badly for a couple of reasons.

Number one would be that the operation of their staff will stop until the printed pages come back.

Another reason would be the unpredictability of the budget. A small business will never make a budget effectively because they will not know how much they will end up paying for printing.

With Managed Print Services, a company will not only be in control of the printing budget, as an MPS provider will offer them a plan they can choose from after assessing and predicting how much printing they usually need.

Similarly, the staff will not sit idle waiting for the prints, as the service provider will handle everything, right there and right then.

In another scenario, if a small business decides to install a small in-house printing setup, it will also not work.

Firstly, their staff will be untrained to use the equipment properly. As a result, they will end up spending more than they were saving because their devices will keep malfunctioning or breaking.

Moreover, they will either have to dedicate somebody who will keep a check on printing supplies. Otherwise, the staff might not be able to print when they need to because they unexpectedly ran out of print or paper.

As a result, the productivity will again be gone, and the extra budget that the company will have to spend on stocking supplies, which will eventually get expired because the company did not need them in quantity they come in.

If a small business has an MPS, their stocks and the proper functioning of their devices will all be taken care of, as they will be professionals.

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